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The equipment, as well as music, are very important and should not be taken lightly. Being in the business for 25 years, the equipment has changed. We do not use outdated equipment. All of our units are upgraded every 3 to 5 years to keep up with the latest technology.

The brands we use, just to name a few, are JBL speakers, Crown amplifiers, Numark mixing boards, Denon CD players and Intelligent lighting. We have 3 packages to fit any budget; no light package, condensed lighting, and our ultimate lighting package.

Our no light package is great for those having a day function or if you have no need for lighting.

The condensed lighting package is ample for most small events to add that special touch. These lights are placed above our speakers to fill the dance floor.

The ultimate lighting package is the best. We use a ten-foot lighting truss with colored lights that dance to the beat of the music and a mirror ball in the center of the truss to set the mood for your slow dancing. Lighting above the speakers is also included. Need more than that, for an additional fee, we have fog machines and laser lighting.