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  These are just some of the things that most people don't even think about when they are hiring a Disc Jockey. Being in the business for 25 years, nothing surprises us. We understand that you may be on a budget, even Donald Trump has a budget. We also know the "price game" that others try and pull to get you to book their service. We stand behind our work 100 percent, others don't, and that's the difference. With our full time and dedicated staff, we're just a phone call away.  
If the DJ you are hiring falls into one or more of these categories, you're honestly not getting a good deal or service:

01. Not showing up (we actually get 4 to 6 calls a month to bail someone out after some other DJ was a no-show).

02. Calling you the day of your event to say they can't do it.

03. Getting to the location to set up their equipment after the guests have already arrived. Tacky.

04. Not dressed accordingly (blue jeans, tank top, etc.).

05. DJ sitting on a chair all night playing music while you run around to work your own event.

06. Drinking and smoking on the job.

07. Bringing other people with them (wife, girlfriend, kids, etc.).

08. Using outdated equipment with poor sound quality, or even worse, equipment that breaks down.

09. No backup equipment on the job site.

10. Not having the music you asked for.

11. Not playing the music you asked for.

12. Having a small amount of music on the job site.

13. No liability insurance.

14. Showing up in an embarrassing vehicle to unload their equipment.

15. Having little, or no experience.

16. No personality.

17. No passion or dedication to his or her work