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(Over 100,000 titles from all genre's of music)


You're hiring a Disc Jockey because of the music, right? Did you know that, nationally, the average Disc Jockey only carries around 4,000 to 6,000 songs on a job site? Sure, you'll never be able to play all that music in a single night, but, when you ask for something, quite often they won't have it.

The music is no problem with Entertainment Express. With over 35,000 titles that are brought to your event, we carry nine times more than the national average. All of our music is paid by monthly subscriptions. Meaning, we have all the current hits on the radio and better yet, it's all censored.

We have music from the 1940's, to today's hits. If there is something we don't have, we have 2 music distributors that we order from and we WILL have it on your special day.